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Sep 28, 2020

     With the development of the Internet, the shoe and apparel industry has become more and more transparent. In order to capture more consumers, major businesses are paying more and more attention to the behavior and habits of consumption capitals. But it is more effective for consumers to experience the importance to buy on shop than online.  when consumers go to the store to buy shoes or clothing, trying on is an important process of buying. I believe that most shopping guides will learn about consumers’ preferences from the fitting part. In this process, this part Information will become a very important piece of information to be passed to major businesses, so that the store could have a general direction of the ratio of shoe and clothing sourcing.

If the fitting information can be converted into data in the form of data, the merchant will have a qualitative increase in transaction volume. On the premise of this pain point, Jinkuwulian independently developed a data collection software called -Commodity Accelerator , which is for collecting datas from consumer fittings. This is a software that applies the automatic data collection function of RFID.  By installing the reader and the antenna in the fitting room , it can identify the number and time of the new model's try-on. At the moment you can grasp the degree of popularity with consumers, you can know how many times a garment has been tried by consumers in the store, you could predicting hot and unsalable models.  Thus it can effectively reduce the vicious inventory caused by the imbalance in production and sales of apparel companies, and can effectively increase the store’s try-on conversion rate by more than 10%. Combined with the membership model, you can better understand customers' hobbies and serve them better.

The Vault IoT Product Accelerator analyzes various aspects of data such as business circles, inventory, consumer preferences, and product characteristics from the data dimension, analyzes and integrates various aspects, and provides intuitive consumption models for each store to directly promote store sales.

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