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RFID intelligent warehouse management visual information system


RFID intelligent warehouse management visual information system


In the process of warehouse management, there are many problems in enterprises, such as general area division, not easy to identify, goods placement is not conducive to the first in, first out principle, unreasonable distance between goods stacking and wall, unclear division of labor, insufficient working space for operators, long time for picking and delivery, etc. How to improve the efficiency of warehouse storage, improve the cleanliness and cleanliness of warehouse, and realize the visualization of warehouse Management, eliminate waste of resources, reduce operating costs, and improve company efficiency? RFID intelligent storage management visualization system is born in such an environment. RFID technology is applied in the storage system to build a visualized intelligent storage information management system, to realize electronic cargo location management, operation process monitoring management, and to improve the efficiency of the storage management information system on the basis of digitalization and informatization.

According to the dynamic management Kanban module, RFID intelligent warehouse management visualization information system predicts and resolves anomalies in advance. The system provides a rigorous visualization promotion solution.

1. According to data statistics and trend analysis, the region is divided again;

2. Make identification according to commodity conditions;

3. Make first in first out strategy according to purchase and sales plan;

4. According to the workload, combined with the area and people, clear division of labor, responsibility to people

5、 Make management board according to the implementation.

RFID intelligent warehouse management visualization information system can realize the visualization of goods positioning and warehouse operation, and provide technical support for the enterprise's operation system and modern warehouse information management.

1. By pasting RFID tags on the goods, the reader will record the customer information, type, date, etc. of the goods into the RFID tags, and transmit the information to the system in time. The operator can check the location and information of the goods at any time.

2. RFID can realize the location of related objects in the warehouse, including forklifts, people, operating equipment, etc., and realize the visual management of various events and processes in the warehouse.

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